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Adamus on Topic: DreamWorlds
Promo video of the interview with Adamus St. Germain channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe with the participation of Linda Benyo and Olivia Morales Zenteno [Aberdeem], founder of A Thousand Dreams.
June 2022

Exploring your dream world on your own can be daunting and lonesome to the point that you leave it rest.

Who to ask? Where to start? How to interpret your dream experiences? Why write them down? With whom to share? What is possible in dreams? What are dreams, anyway?

Never again feel challenged and isolated.

Dreams Warehouse

Appropriately document, analyze data, and share the dreams you choose to share in our custom-made platform.

Dreams Showcase

Inspire yourself with what other dreamers are dreaming. Look out for dreams on specific topics.

Dreamers Interface

Meet people with this same passion for experiences in dreams.

Context, Tools & Tips

Gain access to information that will help you make your way in your own dream world.


Benefit from the continual reminders to not procrastinate and to overcome the inertia of not writing your dreams down.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."


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2. Document & Analyze Data

Document your dreams using our customized form, and after some time use our tools to analyze data. You can register as many dreams as you want, and also upload dreams from the past.

3. Share

Share if you will, and see what others are dreaming throughout the world.

4. Inform Yourself

Keep reading the free material, and see if this impacts your dreaming activity. Let us know!

A Thousand Dreams Warehouse


Keep a proper record of the dreams you dream; we will tell you what you should consider when doing so; you can use our Speech-to-Text tool if you don't want to type. We backup the site daily, so you will never lose any information, and you can also download your dreams to PDF, anytime.

Analyze Data

Our platform shows you the timeline of your dreaming activity – global and categorized –, and offers an intelligent keyword tool that will help you classify your dreams and easily look out for them, when you need to. Also, the site will introduce sufficient context – theories, stories, tips – that will help you make something out of them.


Do you believe your dreams are worth sharing? We bet they are not only relevant and pertinent, but may transform someone else's life. If you are interested in looking out for dreams on specific topics, you can run an advanced search, too.

And we can help if you get stuck.


One-on-one counseling on whatever may be troubling you regarding your dream world.

Interpretation of Dreams

An in-depth perspective, not the regular approach.

The Dreaming Workshop

We will inspire you to make a conscious choice to expand your capacity to remember.

Many things you can retrieve, but not dreams.

Even with 880 dreams, catalogued over the course of 20 years, it hurts to acknowledge that countless of formidable experiences faded away because of lack of time, exhaustion, trying periods, indolence, and my unawareness of how important it was to document them, and do so appropriately. Many things you can revisit, rescue, retrieve, but not dreams.

I now know that they make fantastic stories over time and only in that way, they allow you to take a meaningful in-depth look at your inner world and the makings of reality.

Dreams inform and transform you in a way few things can, and when looking back on them, with the eyes of the new you, they turn into some kind of treasure.

What kind of dreamer are you?

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We are always dreaming; we just don’t remember. We experience around 24 different realities in our dream state and about 12 in our waking state, regardless that we are aware of them taking place or not. (Adamus, ProGnost 2022, January 22, 2022). The clearer we are, the more we remember and the more real these realities appear to be.

Expanding our dream world is one of many paths to increased levels of awareness and integration, but an exciting, joyful, fascinating one, at that.

The beauty is that in the world of dreams our minds do not interfere, and our belief systems hardly matter, if only in the interpretation; no one can challenge what you experienced, not even yourself.

Information, gifts, healing, endearing encounters or journeys to unseen worlds is what we can find, but we need to start somewhere: documenting our dreams.

The problem is that we don’t usually see the value in it, we don’t know what to make of them, we don’t know where to ask or with whom to share, and we fail to recognize that the wisdom in dreams is best distilled in time.

That is why at A Thousand Dreams we created a custom-built tool that will help you properly document your dreams, easily tag, classify, analyze data, and share them with the world; you can also marvel at the dreams that are being dreamt all around.

The path is the destination.

And take it from there; the mere fact that you focus your awareness in this endeavor, alongside many of us, should make a difference. We will see, won’t we?

And don’t worry, at every step we will be right there to remind you to overcome any resistance and keep documenting them. Furthermore, if you get stuck, we can help you move forward with one-on-one counseling, in-depth interpretation of dreams, and the Dreaming Workshop with which we will inspire you to make a conscious choice to expand your capacity to remember.

Dive into the world of dreams.

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  2. Register your dreams as soon as you wake up and analyze data in time.
  3. Share if you will and find out what others are dreaming.

Fill your life with magic and wonder, and remember to enjoy the process, because truly, the path is the destination.

May you live inspired by your dreams,

A Thousand Dreams Team.

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