The Team

Team  - Ana

Ana Belén Ortíz Villeda

Mexico City, Mexico
Brand Identity Creation
Signage | Graphic Designer | Editorial Design | Digital Applications

Team | Olivia

Olivia Morales Zenteno
a.k.a. Aberdeem

Mexico City, Mexico
Founder | Dreamer | Branding
& Business Strategist

Team | Camilo

Camilo Tamayo Rosero

Quito, Ecuador
Digital Marketing | Inbound Marketing | Content Marketing | eCommerce | Social Media | SEO | CRM & Marketing Automation

Team | Nancy

Nancy Niklis

Vancouver, Canada
Dreamer | Content Writing & Editing | Product Research | Blockchain | AI

The Team

Team | Pablo

Pablo Beitman Diamant

Mexico City, Mexico
Innovation | AI | Data Analytics
| Scrum | Blockchain

Team | Estefania

Estefania Regalado

Quito, Ecuador
Web and Mobile Apps Development | UI & UX.

Team | Isaac

Isaac Peralta Santillan

Mexico City, Mexico
Data Science | Web Development | UX & UI | AI

A Thousand Dreams' Partners

García Hidalgo Tax Advisors

Mexico City, Mexico

Experts in corporate law and tax strategy for Corporations in the USA, this law firm follows strict ethical rules with strict legal approaches.

Bowery Creative

Miami, USA | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bowery Creative is a lean product development company that has an approach to technology based in user experience. Clean code development, high performance squads, E2E quality assurance, DevOps as a service, and agile digital acceleration.

Búho Digital

Mexico City, Mexico

Búho Digital is an attraction marketing agency that builds a pool of qualified prospects by strategically disseminating valuable content in the form of short videos on social media. Research, positioning, engagement, and conversion are the pillars of their methodology.

A Thousand Dreams' Advisors

Pilar Acevedo Meyer

Pilar Acevedo Meyer

Mexico City, Mexico

Human Magnetic Field, Christ Template Activation and Reiki master. Channeler for ascended masters, archangels and other entities. Healer in the new energy.

René Batlle Alfaya

René Batlle Alfaya

Mexico City, Mexico

CTO expert in digital transformation, CMS development applied to mass media sites with high availability.

A Thousand Dreams' Angels

 Marie | USA
"With the opening of Heaven's Cross,
what better time for Olivia and her
team to bring A Thousand Dreams
to humanity. I'm drawn to this work
and glorious opportunity for
conscious awareness and
exploration in my dreams. The
power truly lies within. I hope you'll
join me and others on this journey".
Marie | USA
Iiro | Finland
“This platform is helping consciousness to expand by putting the dream reality and the normal reality closer to each other.”
Iiro | Finland
Cici | USA
“This has a hidden magic,
almost like you're creating a
bridge, or an entry way for
people to come into a new
awareness through dreams.”
Cici | USA
Jerry | USA
"A Thousand Dreams is a brilliant opportunity to connect with one's own wisdom, and has the potential to expand
consciousness on the planet."
Jerry | USA

A Thousand Dreams Members of the Board & Cheerleaders

Adamus Saint-Germain

Kuthumi Lal-Singh


To the ones that have dreamed and will dream that A Thousand Dreams finds the way, thank you.

Dreams are for real.