Angel Investors

A Thousand Dreams is a new energy enterprise that comes into the world with so much more purpose than just a monetary one.

Dreams are an inspiration, a creation, an expansion, and a way to peacefully and safely transform the world. But don’t get us wrong, profits are essential for a business to survive, and affluence for a business to grow. Besides, only a generous business creates well-being and prosperity all around.

As a SaaS, our main focus and concern is to create a first-class product that is constantly iterating to provide better features that add real value to our dreamers’ lives.

Scalability does the rest. We understand that in a free market, only a fair business can survive, and it is only fair to receive in exchange, too.

A Thousand Dreams is destined to become a standard for other new energy businesses that will begin to spread throughout the world.

These are creative and magical enterprises where the solutions are available even before the problems appear, where everything comes to them because theirs is an unfolding creation, a beautiful adventure, and an inspired action.

Angel Investors

New energy businesses will shape a brighter world.

We are a C-Corp in Delaware, USA because this structure reflects the large-scale dreamers we are. The reasons for incorporating in the USA are:

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A Thousand Dreams is actively recruiting bold investors with entrepreneurial mindset and loads of consciousness for a project that might change the world.

[Incidentally, it might also make them rich.]

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Dreams are for real.