The Scope

A Thousand Dreams is a platform to document, analyze data, and share your dreams with the world.

But behind offering you, The Dreamer, a platform that allows you to easily document your dreams, meaningfully analyze your data, joyfully venture out to share them with the world, and become inspired by what the world is dreaming –all of which will help you
derive more meaning from your dreams– there is a compelling undercurrent, a potent framework, a beautiful inspiration, an unprecedented approach to dreams. Behind the boundaries of what A Thousand Dreams offers, there is a hundred years’ worth of vision.

The Framework

The Dreaming Landscapes is a unique creation that for the first time, offers a complete mapping of the ethereal landscapes that we visit in dreams.

Because the gate to certain dreaming landscapes has been recently opened, humanity is now able to go into dreams and visit places we have never been before.

And because dreams are inexhaustible and our creatorship infinite, these landscapes will never cease to evolve.

The Framework

The dreaming landscapes are relevant because by understanding the rules and the laws that apply to each one of them, you will grow capable of identifying and understanding your dreams and eventually, move freely through them.

We dream on every landscape simultaneously, but as a framework, we can use it to identify our dreaming profile, too. The Dreaming Profiles are also a unique creation that will help you understand what we do in each landscape, how we access them, and how to consciously choose what to dream.

The Essential Dreaming Workshop will help you further understand the dreaming landscapes and the dreaming profiles. Finally, as an independent endeavor, but nevertheless adding depth to where we are coming from regarding dreams, Aberdeem’s blog on Medium is a formal attempt to give context to valuable dreaming experiences.

Change the World,
One Dream at a Time

The Vision

Change the World,
One Dream at a Time

Imagine a world where everybody knows how to use dreams to shape their human life, where the sacred nature of dreams is fully reinstated and comprehended, and where we become the masters of our dreaming domains. That is the world we see, full of Masters of Dreams that encounter their own wisdom through dreaming and that can change their world, and the world, one dream at a time.

A Reservoir and a Home

A Thousand Dreams will become a fast and easy-to-access reservoir of dreams that will be saved for future analysis, when the dreamer bears more wisdom. It is the connection point to energetically unite with others seeking realization through dreaming. We also hope to become a Home for stranded dreamers that need to make sense of their inner world.

The Path is the

A Thousand Dreams and the foreseeable evolutions –such as Dream Cartography– will grow into things that we are not expecting, because they are not only creations but also explorations; we are coming and going in dreams and them with us.
Just like you, we are the masters and the humans, the experts and the explorers, and as we venture into dreams and worlds that have never been touched before, our comprehension of reality will be challenged, continually giving way to a new one. This is the adventure.

From Masters to
Human Masters

A Thousand Dreams is for you who are bold enough to realize your creations through dreaming as sovereign beings and masters. This is a platform for fun people that don’t care about being solemn, that do not need to apologize for being genuinely who they are, and who are capable of loving others for who they are.
Experience and create for yourself in the very beautiful safe space of dreams with like-minded and like-spirited dreamers.

A Thousand Dreams is the result of blending the name of two very personally meaningful songs for Aberdeem. A Thousand Years was a song delivered to her by her Soul in 2017; The Greatest Showman is simply a beautiful song about dreaming big.

The Name:
A Thousand Dreams


The Greatest Showman, 2017


Christina Perri, The Twilight Saga, 2011

Dreams are for real.