Tapestry of Dreams

The Tapestry of Dreams

Dreams are so much more than a useful tool for navigating daily life, but most of humanity has closed the door on that magical world, considering it a figment of the imagination or a form of delusion.

We can explore new and unseen realms, dwelling within the depths of our dreams, purely for the joy it brings. Remarkably, we can even sleep within our dreams. An array of boundless domains beckons, awaiting us to revel in the marvels that lie within. We can also gather information in our dream state and bring it back to our daily lives.

Dreams stretch and transform one’s comprehension of reality naturally, and open space for new potentials in our current life. Expanding our dream worlds is one of many paths leading to increased levels of awareness, healing, gifts, freedom, integration, and ultimately enlightenment. It is an exciting, joyful, and fascinating journey.

The Dreaming Principles

Dreams are for real.